'Tremendously brave' pensioner writes open letter to burglar

A pensioner from Cardiff has been praised for her 'tremendous bravery' after writing an open letter to whoever ransacked her home one day before she attended her grandson's funeral.

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Pensioner: I still feel safe as there's nothing left to take'

A Cardiff pensioner who was burgled one day before her grandson's funeral has written an open letter to the culprit, or culprits, responsible.

Dorothy Mayer's home in Fairwater was ransacked last Friday, with her jewellery, money and purse all stolen.

Bizarrely, one lightbulb in her home had been changed - police believe this could have been done so whoever was responsible could get a better look at Mrs Mayer's belongings.

Mrs Mayer says she hopes the burglars may have left clues and will be caught, adding that she still feels safe in her own home because there is nothing left for anyone to take.

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