Row over whether schools banding will be scrapped

The Welsh Government has insisted that the controversial system of banding secondary schools is "here to stay", after the Western Mail reported that it was to be replaced with a "tough new ranking system."

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Welsh Govt: New national model to categorise schools

Responding to the Western Mail's report of a new colour-coded ranking system for Welsh schools, the Welsh Government has appeared to confirm it is introducing a different model for categorising school performance, which it said will provide national consistency.

It has though insisted the existing banding system is not being replaced.

Banding is here to stay. We’ve said all along that we would be looking at it to make sure that it’s effective and meeting the needs of education in Wales. That work is ongoing. As and when we’re in a position to make an announcement we will.

Categorisation by consortia is not new - all consortia categorise their schools, but they use four different systems.

A single national categorisation model will ensure that the regional consortia are assessing schools in a consistent way. It will also provide a robust way for consortia to identify the support and challenge that schools require.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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