1. Adrian Masters

Labour accused of 'torpedoing' financial powers plan

Labour has been accused of 'torpedoing' plans to give the Welsh Government new financial powers. But in return Labour says those plans are politically-motivated and risk undermining Wales' place in the United Kingdom.

The accusations were made in the House of Commons during a special meeting of the Welsh Grand Committee to debate the draft Wales Bill. This is the legislation which would transfer control over some taxes including income tax (following a referendum) as recommended by the Silk Commission.

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith described the proposals as a 'trap' and a means of cutting funding to Wales.

He said Labour had 'never sought to devolve income tax-varying powers and warned that such a move risks 'undermining the union' by limiting the 'ability to pool risk and share rewards between the peoples and regions and nations of Britain.'

In response, Conservative MP Glyn Davies accused his Labour opponents of 'torpedoing' the plans as recommended by the Silk Commission. He took to Twitter to underline his point.