Wales Barometer Poll

The latest Wales Barometer opinion poll, carried out by YouGov for ITV Cymru Wales and Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University is published today. Polling of a representative sample of 1250 people took place 10-12 February 2014.

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  1. Nick Powell

Welsh Income Tax very unpopular with Tory voters

Despite the row over Welsh income tax between David Jones and Andrew RT Davies, both men agree that there should be a referendum on giving the Welsh Government income tax raising powers -and that the Conservatives would campaign in favour. But Tory voters are deeply hostile to the idea.

Detailed analysis for tonight's Sharp End of the latest Wales Barometer opinion poll shows that Conservative voters are the most heavily against, with Labour voters justifying their party leaders' reluctance to embrace the idea. Lib Dem politicians' enthusiasm is not matched by their supporters.

  • How would you vote in a Welsh Income Tax referendum?
  • Labour: Yes 36% No 41%
  • Conservatives: Yes 16% No 71%
  • Plaid Cymru: Yes 60% No 23%
  • Lib Dems: Yes 35% No 40%

If Plaid Cymru voters mostly want Welsh income tax, they too could be disappointed. Plaid's leader, Leanne Wood, has said a referendum cannot be a priority due to proposed restrictions on any income tax powers. (The analysis is based on how people would vote when choosing their constituency AM).

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