Tuberculosis tests for 700 more at Llanelli school

Over 700 further pupils and staff at a school in Llanelli are being offered tests for tuberculosis, after nine people at the school tested positive for the infection during previous screening sessions.

There will now be a third round of screening for tuberculosis at Ysgol y Strade.

In October and December, 339 pupils and 100 members of staff at Ysgol y Strade were screened for TB, as part of investigations following a member of staff being diagnosed with the infection.

Six pupils and three members of staff have received positive blood test results, but Public Health Wales says none are infectious, and there is no risk of them passing the infection to others.

As a precaution, screening will now be offered to remaining pupils and staff - a total of 726 people, who were not in as close contact with the infected person - at the start of March.