Number of women in 'top jobs' in Wales falls

A new report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission shows almost no progress has been made over the past decade in getting more women into positions of power and influence in Wales.

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Gender gap on pay in Wales widens

An American wartime propaganda poster from 1943 to boost worker morale.

Women also are still earning less than men because they are often working in lower-paid and part-time jobs with the majority of people in higher paid work still men. Here are the headline figures from the Working Patterns in Wales report:

· Four out of five Welsh workers are in gender-segregated occupations

· 64% of full-time jobs are held by men

· 88% of part-time jobs are held by women

· 90% of men work full-time and 10% part-time

· 91% of jobs in the Skilled Trades are held by men

· Only three skilled trade occupations out of a total of 56 are dominated by women

· 84% of Wales' professional women are concentrated in education, health, social work and public administration.

· At least 40% of work in feminized occupations is contracted on a part-time basis

· The hourly pay gap between full-time male workers and part-time female is 34%

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