Welsh Govt announces school curriculum review

Wales' Education Minister has announced an independent and 'wide-ranging' review of the National Curriculum and assessment in schools.

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Welsh Govt review of school curriculum and testing

The Welsh Government has announced a "comprehensive, wide-ranging, review of the National Curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales."

The review will be led by Professor Graham Donaldson, who has played a key role in curriculum reforms in Scotland, and is due to report by the end of this year.

The Welsh Government says it wants a distinct curriculum for Wales. Credit: PA

The Welsh Government says his work will complement its recent consultation on strengthening the teaching of literacy and numeracy in the Welsh curriculum.

Education Minister Huw Lewis said: "I want to see the development of a distinct Curriculum for Wales. This is a real opportunity to develop a rigorous and robust curriculum for our students here in Wales."

"A programme of learning which supports them to think, do prosper, adapt and most importantly succeed in life."

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