Girl, 9, finds empty WWII mine on Pembrokeshire beach

An empty mine, believed to date from World War Two, has been found on the coast at Bullslaughter Bay in Pembrokeshire.

The discovery was made by nine-year-old Kallianne Davies, from Hundleton.

Father Gareth Davies posted the photos on his page Hidden Pembrokeshire

The mine is believed to have been uncovered by recent bad weather Credit: Gareth Davies

"We were on the beach on Sunday afternoon for a picnic and a look around the caves. As we walked across the beach, my nine-year-old daughter shouted that she'd spotted 'something round' - I instantly recognised it as a mine" said Gareth.

"The storms have taken a lot of the sand off the beach and we think that's what has uncovered it, along with it only being visible at low tide."

Milford Haven Coastguard said the incident was brought to their attention but as the discovery was on an MoD range they had no direct involvement.