Details of new powers for Welsh Government set out

The Welsh Secretary and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury have jointly introduced the Wales Bill into parliament. This is the legislation which would transfer new financial powers to the Welsh Government.

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'A major milestone in devolution' says Welsh Secretary

Today's publication of the Wales Bill has been hailed as 'a major milestone in Welsh devolution' by the Welsh Secretary David Jones.

The package of tax and borrowing powers it devolves to Wales should be used by the Welsh Government to grow the Welsh economy, give Wales a competitive edge and help the people of Wales feel more secure about having a better future.

Just as important, it will make the Assembly and the Welsh Government more accountable to the people who elect them. For the first time, they will be responsible not only for the money they spend but for raising some of that money as well.

– David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales

The Bill will also make Assembly elections fairer and more equitable.

The swiftness by which we have introduced this Bill is testament to this Government’s desire to see the Bill passed before the end of this Parliament and provides the opportunity for devolved governance in Wales to be fairer, more accountable and, crucially, more able to support economic growth.

– David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales

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