Wales Office hits back in rail electrification costs row

The Welsh and UK Governments are locked in a dispute over who should pay the costs of electrification of the South Wales Valley Lines

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  1. Adrian Masters

Two governments polarised over rail electrification

Both sides in the rail electrification costs row remain polarised, if you'll forgive the pun, after today's Joint Ministerial Council meeting. A Whitehall source said it seemed the First Minister had 'picked a fight to hide his embarrassment' about an agreement, the existence of which he disputes.

For his part Carwyn Jones has challenged the UK Government to produce any document which would prove a deal. Until now the correspondence has only been semi-leaked but I understand there are moves to try to publish it.

The First Minister says he'll consider paying for some 'incidental costs' but not the full costs. He also told Nick Clegg that one solution would be to devolve responsibility - and the funding - for rail to Wales immediately. Neither side show any signs of backing down.

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