Welsh mum spends £200k in 10 years in shopping addiction

Mother-of-one Vicki Appleton from Cardiff, started her obsessive shopping when she was just 13 years old, splurging her £20 wages on clothes, bags and sweets.

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Shopping addict: Spending money was a 'buzz'

Shopping addict Vicki Appleton says spending money gave her a "real buzz".

Speaking on ITV's This Morning programme, the mother-of-one from Cardiff said her obsessive shopping started when she was just a teenager.

In the years that followed the 29-year-old managed to rack up a bill of over £200,000, including spending £25,000 on a round the world trip.

Dr Dave Barker, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at the Priory Group talks to ITV News about how to spot the signs of someone with a shopping addiction.

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