Welsh Govt 'lacks long-term vision' for schools

A major review from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development says the Welsh Government 'lacks a long-term vision' for the school system. It warns that there have been too many recent reforms, and teachers need more support.

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Key points from report into Wales' schools system

The OECD's review praises the schools system here and its basic infrastructure, but says teachers and headteachers should receive more support.

  • Schools - "Schools offer positive learning environments with good teacher-student relations and classrooms conducive to learning"
  • Teaching - Recommendations include: "Raise the status of the profession and commit to initial teacher training" and "ensure quality continuous professional development"
  • Low achievers - "A high proportion of low performers, with schools unable to respond to the learning needs of all their students" - it recommends: "Welsh schools need to move towards more personalised learning"
  • Reforms - Recent "far-reaching" reforms such as the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework and Reading and Numeracy Tests for students in Years 2 to 9 - "the pace of reform has been high, sometimes too high", evidence of "the profession feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the high pace of change"

Recommendations also include ensuring Estyn inspections and the controversial secondary school 'banding' system "have greater coherence."

"Consider making the school banding calculation method more transparent, reducing the frequency with which schools are banded and judging schools on mutually agreed criteria for quality."

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