Prime Minister leads attack on NHS in Wales

David Cameron has lead the attack on the Labour's handling of the NHS in Wales, at the Welsh Conservatives Spring Conference in Llangollen. UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the Welsh Government is 'sleepwalking into a Welsh Mid Staffs tragedy.'

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Welsh Secretary taunts First Minister as 'the Peter Pan of politics'

The Welsh Secretary will call on the First Minister to commit to a referendum on income tax powers for Wales or risk being seen as 'the Peter Pan of Welsh politics.' David Jones will tell his party's conference in Llangollen that tax responsibility is part of 'grown up government.'

We think that there should be an early referendum, that there should be a campaign for a ‘yes’ vote and that that campaign should be based on a commitment to cut the Welsh rate of tax. We Conservatives believe in low taxation because it’s good for the economy. And we believe in lower taxation in Wales, because it will give Wales a competitive edge. It will stimulate enterprise. It will give Welsh people – all Welsh people - more money in their pockets to spend with Welsh businesses. In short, it will be good for Wales.

So I invite Carwyn Jones to commit to that early referendum and commit the Labour Party in Wales to lower taxes, too. Let’s see if he has the ambition, and is brave enough, to do that. To accept the accountability that should go with grown-up government. Or if he wants to be the Peter Pan of Welsh politics.The eternal political adolescent. The First Minister who never grew up.

– David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales

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