Prime Minister leads attack on NHS in Wales

David Cameron has lead the attack on the Labour's handling of the NHS in Wales, at the Welsh Conservatives Spring Conference in Llangollen. UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the Welsh Government is 'sleepwalking into a Welsh Mid Staffs tragedy.'

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Welsh Secretary's criticises Labour's running of NHS

Welsh Secretary David Jones is expected to continue the criticism of Labour's record of running public services during his speech to the Welsh Conservative conference.

He'll tell delegates in Llangollen that 'for thirteen years in Government at Westminster, Labour took Wales for granted. Treated it as a place they thought they could safely neglect.' In particular, he'll say that Labour has neglected the health service.

But none of this is the fault of hardworking doctors, nurses and the other professionals in Wales’s NHS. They are, of course, every bit as competent and dedicated - and work just as hard - as those in any other part of the country.Wales’s health professionals are world class. But what is not world class is the incompetent oversight of the Welsh NHS by the Labour party. The story of the NHS in Wales is the classic tale of lions led by donkeys. Under Labour, the Welsh NHS is lagging behind – that’s a fact.

– David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales

It won't just be an attack on the management of the Welsh NHS. David Jones is expected to criticise the education system in Wales and the First Minister's response to poor performance in international PISA comparison tests.

Carwyn Jones's response to the PISA results – which echoed that of his education minister - was so weak as to be laughable. He said: “We took our eye off the ball.” Given that it was the fourth consecutive decline, one has to wonder whether his eye was ever on the ball in the first place. Or whether he was even in the game.

What a pathetic response from a man who is supposed to have the charge of such an important public service. How limp. How lame. How entirely inadequate. How utterly shameful. The plain truth is that Labour are letting down an entire generation of young Welsh people. With little sign of doing anything to make things better.

– David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales

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