Tenants affected by 'bedroom tax' offered Creme Egg

Tenants who have been affected by the so-called 'bedroom tax' have been offered a 60p Creme Egg by their Housing Association as a reward for keeping up with rent payments.

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Creme egg 'thank you' offer: Your views

A Welsh housing association responsible for more than 6,000 homes has been criticised for offering a free chocolate egg to tenants who've struggled to make rent payments following changes to their benefits.

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I would have found this absolutely insulting and patronising considering the 60p cost involved.The costs of meetings to decide this, the logistics of buying, packing and delivering these not to mention wages of those involved must have far outweighed the costs of the egg; I am sure the tenants would have preferred all that money to have been offered as a small discount off future rent - that would have been my choice!

– Sian Jones via email

Well they do say chocolate makes everything better!! A cream egg definitely makes up for having to pay a tax!

– Tracy on Twitter

Tenants affected by 'Bedroom Tax' offered a Creme Egg? Not sure this counts as adequate compensation!

– Anna Gearyon on Twitter

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