European Election 2014

The European Election will be held on May 22 when Wales will elect four MEPs. The votes won't be counted until May 25, as not result can be declared until voting is completed across the European Union.

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Welsh Labour's European campaign pledges

Welsh Labour have announce that they're fighting the European election on five main campaign pledges. All five stress what Labour say are the benefits that Wales gets from Britain's membership of the European Union.

The party claims that the need to combat Euroscepticism means that this is probably the most important European election in a generation. The five pledges are:

  • To get new investment in jobs and economic growth through trade with the EU.
  • To protect workers and consumers' rights under European law.
  • To deliver the European regeneration money that the poorest parts of Wales have been given for another seven years.
  • To tackle rising energy bills by reforming the European single market in energy.
  • To push for the EU to set ambitious environmental targets and tackle climate change.

We must maximise the benefits of being in the EU, protect 191,000 jobs but also look for growth in the future for our companies to trade and bring new investment from the European Union into Wales as well.

– Welsh Labour MEP Derek Vaughan

Labour are also keen to counter UKIP's argument that this election is an opportunity to demand a referendum on Britain's EU membership.

This is not a referendum, it's an election to the European Parliament. What we want to be talking about isn't some far off fanciful thing that Nigel Farage would like us to be talking about. Not least becasue we are certain that we are better off in Europe

– Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith MP

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