European Election 2014

The European Election will be held on May 22 when Wales will elect four MEPs. The votes won't be counted until May 25, as not result can be declared until voting is completed across the European Union.

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Welsh Lib Dems say they're the pro-Europe party

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have launched their European election campaign, claiming that they are the only unequivocally pro-European Union party. They described themselves as "the party of IN", in contrast to UKIP, which they say is the only other party with a clear position.

The message is clear: are you ‘IN or OUT’? For the Welsh Liberal Democrats the answer is clear: Britain and Wales are better in Europe. We are Britain’s only party of ‘IN’. More than one in ten Welsh jobs depend on trade with EU. Why on earth would we want to risk people’s livelihoods? If you don’t support UKIP’s anti-EU and anti-jobs agenda, then there is only one party for you: the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams AM

The launch took place in Llandrindod Wells at a company that supplies components for carmakers and other firms across Europe.

Leaving the EU would be catastrophic. It’s the surest way to jeopardise jobs, risk our fragile economic recovery and it will leave Wales and Britain alone and diminished in the world. Other than UKIP, no-one knows what the other parties stand for. For those that want to protect Welsh jobs, then they must vote Welsh Liberal Democrat.

We can only tackle the word’s big issues by remaining in Europe. As members of the European Union our police can work with their counterparts abroad to crack down on the criminals who cross our borders. Collectively, our governments can also be much bolder in the fight against climate change too. Together we can and must make a difference.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat European Candidate Alec Dauncey

Welsh Labour, the Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and UKIP Wales have also launched their campaigns this week. Election day is May 22 and there are a total of 11 parties contesting the four Welsh seats in the European Parliament.

  • Britain First
  • BNP
  • Conservative
  • Green
  • Labour
  • Liberal Democrat
  • NO2EU
  • Plaid Cymru
  • Socialist Labour
  • Socialist
  • UKIP

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