Number of Welsh adults taking part in sport at record high

The number of people taking part in sport and exercise is at its highest ever level according to new figures. The Active Adults survey found that almost 40 per cent exercised three times a week in 2012, compared with almost 30 per cent in 2008.

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Sport participation at highest ever level, figures show

Almost 40 per cent of people now participate in sport at least three times a week, according to the Active Adults survey Credit: PA

Adults in Wales are embracing sport more than ever before, according to Sport Wales. Figures published in the Active Adults survey today, show that the number of adults taking part in sport or physical activity three or more times a week has risen from 29 per cent in 2008 to 39 per cent in 2012.

The report shows an increase in people participating in:

  • Swimming - up to 15.7 per cent from 11.4 per cent in 2008

  • Running and jogging - increasing from 6.9 per cent in 2008 to 13.4 per cent in 2012

  • Cycling - up from 7.5 per cent in 2008 to 10.3 per cent in 2012

  • Football - up to 8.9 per cent in 2012, from 6.7 per cent in 2008.

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