Survey: 'international rugby grips the nation'

Survey: '41% of Welsh adults have watched Wales at the Millennium Stadium' Credit: David Davies/PA Archive/PA Images

The WRU says a survey shows more than half the population of Wales is involved with rugby as a player, supporter or follower of broadcast and newspaper coverage.

It also says 41% of the adult population in Wales have been to the Millennium Stadium to cheer on Wales and 30% (equivalent to 732,000 people) told researchers they would attend a match in the future.

The Union commissioned the eightyone600 survey as a benchmark to help it understand the position rugby has in Wales.

The All Blacks are Wales fans' favourite opponents. Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

Price is the major factor of influence when it comes to supporters deciding to attend matches, with half saying the cost of attending is their biggest consideration when preparing to buy.

The WRU says the full detail in the survey will be used to steer its strategy to enhance the relationship member clubs and fans in general have with the game in Wales.