European Election 2014

The European Election will be held on May 22 when Wales will elect four MEPs. The votes won't be counted until May 25, as not result can be declared until voting is completed across the European Union.

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  1. Adrian Masters

Lib Dems respond to activist backing Plaid

Welsh Liberal Democrats have responded to the news that a prominent party member has endorsed Plaid Cymru in the forthcoming European election. Former councillor Amy Kitcher says she doesn't believe her party will be able to win a seat on May 22nd. More details here.

I understand that the Welsh Lib Dem leadership isn't planning to take any disciplinary action and that Ms Kitcher remains a Liberal Democrat member. A statement from a party spokesman avoids criticising her but does attack Plaid Cymru.

You don’t fight little England nationalism by trumping it with Welsh nationalism.

Plaid might be sacking their own cabinet members over UKIP, but the irony is that they have similarities. They are two separatist parties and there is absolutely no guarantee that an independent Wales could remain in the EU.

If you don’t support UKIP’s anti-EU and anti-jobs agenda, then there is only one party for you: the Welsh Liberal Democrats. We are Wales’ only party of IN.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson

Amy Kitcher has tweeted about her decision in response to a Plaid member. She said "It would be disaster for Wales to let UKIP get another seat. A matter of head over heart."

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