Diabetes money not being used 'effectively' says charity

Money used to treat diabetes in Wales is not always used 'effectively,' according to a new report from Diabetes UK. The charity says that the vast majority of funds are spent on treating complications that may have been preventable.

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'Address diabetes issues early' to save money and lives

The Director of Diabetes UK Cymru has warned that an 'eye-watering' amount of diabetes care money "isn't being used effectively".

The Welsh NHS spends around £500 million per year on diabetes care, but the charity says that money is mostly spent on treating complications instead of preventative care.

[Our] report shows how dealing with problems early, costs could be greatly reduced and more people would live longer and healthier lives.

With such strong evidence, it is bewildering that health boards have clear plans to deliver these services and then fail to actually make them happen in practice.

Put simply, if a service is shown to improve the care provided to people with diabetes and save money, why on earth should it not be delivered universally and as quickly as possible?

– Dai Williams, Diabetes UK Cymru

Mr Williams cited improved provision of diabetes education and better foot care as two examples of good healthcare that could help prevent more long-term complications arising.

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