Cardiff University students unveil Formula One racing car

The Formula One was designed using the latest 3D technology Credit: Cardiff University

Students from Cardiff University's engineering department have unveiled their 10th formula one racing car which is to be tested at Silverstone.

The team of students are hoping to come out on top when they show off their fastest and lightest design yet at this years Formula Student competition.

The car has been designed with a lightweight aluminium body Credit: Cardiff University

Cardiff University will compete against other universities from around the world who have all designed their own racing cars.

The racing car named CR10, has been carefully crafted using the latest 3D technology and is made from carbon fibre.

John Dally, one of the students involved in the project says: "3D printing technology brings huge benefits in time saving to the manufacture of components. It's been fantastic to get this kind of hands on experience with emerging technologies at Cardiff University."