Welsh Rugby Union survives 'no confidence' vote

The Chief Executive of the Welsh Rugby Union says it'll work to improve its image. It comes after the board overwhelmingly survived a vote of 'no confidence' at yesterday's Extraordinary General Meeting in Port Talbot.

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Roger Lewis: 'The WRU has retained its dignity'

"Through the past six months, the Welsh Rugby Union has retained its dignity" said WRU Chief Executive Roger Lewis.

"We have not been dragged into the gutter to exchange playground insults with others."

"It's been a dark day, instigated by a very very small minority of people, and the reason I emphasise that, hundreds and hundreds of men and women supported the Welsh rugby union today" he said.

"We only had four people against us in that vote of no confidence, and the rest, hundreds, supported the Union, and that is the true reflection of where we are in Wales today."

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