Calls for lung cancer awareness campaign in Wales

Campaigners from the UK Lung Cancer Coalition are calling for better awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer. It accounts for most cancer deaths here, and Wales rates badly compared to other countries in terms of survival rates.

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  1. Sarah Hibbard

Patient: 'It is so important people go to their doctor'

Cancer campaigners are calling for more to be done to warn people in Wales about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

It is the biggest cancer killer here, and survival rates for the disease in Wales are also amongst the worst in Europe.

Mags Roberts was 52 when she went to her doctor, complaining of breathlessness, to be told she had advanced lung cancer.

Thanks to chemotherapy and daily tablets, her cancer is now under control, but she says: "it is just so important that people go to their doctors if they're not well."

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