Calls for lung cancer awareness campaign in Wales

Campaigners from the UK Lung Cancer Coalition are calling for better awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer. It accounts for most cancer deaths here, and Wales rates badly compared to other countries in terms of survival rates.

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Welsh Govt: 'We need to go further' on lung cancer

The Welsh Government has pointed to its record over improving overall cancer survival rates here, but admitted "we need to go further when it comes to lung cancer."

Responding to call for a public awareness campaign on lung cancer symptoms, it says GPs will soon have to review every diagnosis to make improvements, and is "working hard" to drive down smoking levels.

The Welsh NHS is spending more than ever on cancer care and while Wales has shown the biggest improvement in overall cancer survival rates of all UK nations, we need to go further when it comes to lung cancer.

From this year all GPs will have to review every diagnosis of lung cancer to improve awareness and skills to support earlier diagnosis.

We currently fund a number anti-smoking and healthier lifestyle campaigns, however individuals have a key role in changing their habits to avoid unnecessary harm such as smoking.

We are working hard towards our ambitious target to drive down smoking levels to 16% by 2020.

People also need to make sure they do not ignore potential early symptoms such as a persistent cough and not put-off seeking medical attention.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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