9-year-old girl rescued from rocks at Aberaeron

The RNLI rescuers were able to climb inside the rock and cut the girl's boot, releasing her from the sea defence rocks Credit: RNLI

A nine-year-old girl was rescued by lifeboat crews from Newquay earlier this evening, after getting her foot stuck between rocks at Aberaeron.

Crews were called out at five o'clock just as the tide was starting to come in.

It was the first call out for 17-year-old RNLI volunteer Tom Evans, the youngest member of the team.

A spokesperson for the RNLI said:

"We commend the bravery of the crew member who removed his jacket and helmet and crawled down into a tight space between sea defence rocks and managed to cut the girl's boot to allow him to pull her out."

"He is the youngest crew member at the station and it was his first proper rescue situation. He performed very well under the direction of the station mechanic."

The girl, who was from the local area, was taken to hospital for routine checks.