Handler tracks down sniffer dog after 8 years in Afghanistan

Tyler is an 8-year-old English Springer Spaniel Credit: Malpeet K9 Academy

A dog, which spent eight years detecting explosives in the Middle East, is retiring to his home in Bridgend, after being rescued by his original handler.

There were fears for Tyler's future, after his employer pulled out of Afghanistan. So Simon Mallin went to find him.

The pair first met in 2005 in Iraq when Simon was a handler, and they bonded whilst working under extreme conditions.

In late 2008, Simon returned to the UK and formed his own training academy, 'Malpeet K9 Academy.' But five years later in 2013, Simon became concerned about Tyler after hearing his employer was pulling out of Afghanistan.

Tyler has been working in both Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006-2014 Credit: Malpeet K9 Academy

With the help of an animal rescue charity in Kabul and some public donations, Simon managed to locate Tyler and bring him home.

He's planning to enjoy his retirement life with Simon in Cardiff, and will serve as Malpeet K9 Academy's mascot.