People urged to check on elderly during hot weather

As the hot weather continues across the UK, one elderly care service is urging residents to check on neighbours who may need help during the heatwave.

Temperatures have reached 27C in some parts of Wales in the last few weeks Credit: PA Images

Elderly care specialist, Home Instead in Wales says the hot weather can pose serious health risks for the elderly as they are less able to regulate their body temperature. It says medication can have an impact too.

It says it's particularly important that they should keep their body temperature down during the day - especially if the night is going to be hot.

The Welsh Ambulance Service has also published advice on how to take care in the heat after experiencing an increase of calls across the country.

Public Health Wales advises that elderly or sick neighbours should be checked on every day if possible during hot weather.

It advises to do the following to help keep yourself and others cool:

· Keep indoor plants and bowls of water in the house - evaporation helps cool the air

· If possible, move into a cooler room, especially for sleeping

· Electric fans may provide some relief, but only use if necessary

· Remain in the coolest parts of the building as much as possible

· Keep rooms shaded and cool by closing blinds and curtains and opening windows