Ostrich farm fraudster captured in South Africa

52-year-old Martin Evans has been described as one of Britain's most wanted men Credit: National Crime Agency

A convicted drug trafficker and fraudster from Swansea has been arrested by armed officers in Johannesburg.

Investigators from the National Crime Agency raised the alarm that Martin Evans was in South Africa, and he was apprehended by police on Saturday.

The 52-year-old had been on the run since 2011 when he failed to return to prison after being released on licence.

He was serving 21 years at the time for conspiracy to supply cocaine and fraudulent trading.

His scams include fraudulent trading as a director of a company called Ostrich Centre Ltd.

Evans raised hundreds of thousands of pounds from the public for his ostrich farm, promising them a large return on their investment.

But he was found to have deposited the money in foreign accounts, and fled abroad while on bail awaiting trail.

Mr Evans is due to appear at Pretoria Regional Court on Monday for a procedural extradition hearing.