Hundreds taken to hospital in police cars

More than 600 people have been taken to hospital in police cars in Wales over the last three years, because ambulances were not available.

A freedom of information request by Plaid Cymru found patients being taken to A&E by officers had more than doubled on the previous year.

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Officers 'sometimes' transport people to hospital

Gwent Police say that officers are 'sometimes' required to transport casualties to hospital, rather than waiting for an ambulance.

Gwent Police say they work closely with all emergency services Credit: ITV News Wales

Gwent Police works closely with all emergency services and together we take all necessary and appropriate steps to put the safety and wellbeing of members of the public first. Officers dealing with fast moving emergency situations do sometimes need to transport casualties to hospital rather than wait for an ambulance. Officers clearly do not have the same level of training as the Ambulance Service, however our duty to protect and reassure comes first and foremost.

– Gwent Police statement

The Welsh Ambulance service says it's working with other emergency services to reduce waiting times.

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