GCSE results: English language 'comparable' as gap closes

Thousands of pupils around Wales are receiving their GCSE grades. Overall, Wales is continuing to close the gap with the rest of the UK. For English language, after shock low grades in January, the Welsh Government says final results are 'comparable' to last year, with only small falls.

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Welsh Govt 'expects English results similar to last year'

The Welsh Government has again stated that it expects GCSE English language results released later to be comparable with last year's results, "unless there were compelling reasons for a different outcome."

Exam board WJEC has also confirmed that a statistical approach known as 'comparable outcomes' has been used, aiming to make sure pupils are given equivalent grades from one year to the next.

We have been clear all along that, whilst there were concerns about the January unit outcomes for GCSE English Language, we would continue to apply a comparable outcomes approach and would expect the full qualification outcomes in summer 2014 to be comparable to those in 2013, unless there were compelling reasons for a different outcome.

The Minister was clear when the January unit outcomes were announced in March that it would be important to see what the full qualification outcomes brought in August. All involved in the qualifications process have acted on the recommendations of the Rapid Review of the January outcomes that the Minister ordered in March. The outcomes of those endeavours and the preceding years of work by teachers and learners will be announced on Thursday.

It is a pity that ASCL’s spokesperson is seeking to increase tensions ahead of those results and at what is already a stressful time for learners.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

We can confirm that the comparable outcomes approach has been applied and that we are confident that our marking and awarding has been in line with regulatory requirements.

– WJEC spokesperson

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