Labour slams UK Government's 'war on Welsh workers'

Labour MPs will accuse the UK Government of waging a 'war on Welsh workers' during a one-off debate in the House of Commons today.

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Tory MP claims mother 'died under the Welsh NHS'

A Conservative MP has told the Commons that her mother 'died under the Welsh NHS.' The MP for St. Albans, Anne Main, who was born in Cardiff, said an inquest into her mother's death found that ambulances 'routinely had kit that hadn't been checked.'

She made the comments during Prime Minister's Questions and ahead of a Labour debate in the chamber on the effect of UK Government policies on Wales.

In response David Cameron said there should be a debate on the health service in Wales which he said is 'in trouble.'

Criticism of Labour's record of running the Welsh NHS are a regular feature of Prime Minister's Questions. Labour has called the attacks a 'war on Wales' but the UK Government says it's legitimate scrutiny of political decisions by the Welsh Government.

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