Welsh Secretary launches attack on Labour education record

The Welsh Secretary has launched an attack on Labour's handling of the education system here in Wales. Stephen Crabb said it was 'a much bigger scandal' than the NHS, which itself has been heavily criticised by the Conservatives in the run up to the general election.

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Welsh Secretary: Education record 'much bigger scandal' than health service

The Welsh Secretary has launched an attack on Labour's education record in Wales saying it's a 'much bigger scandal' than its handling of the health service.

Conservative MP Stephen Crabb made the comments in an interview with The Sunday Times.

He added that parents in England have 'good reason to feel very concerned' if the Labour party come into power in Westminster after the general election.

A spokesman for the Education Minister in Wales, Huw Lewis said standards are on the up and criticised the Tory party for putting Welsh teachers and pupils 'in the firing line'.

"This is simply the latest salvo in the war on Wales. Not content with denigrating our NHS, now the Tories are putting Welsh teachers and pupils in the firing line.

"All the latest evidence says that education reforms in England are stalling, whilst standards in Wales are improving."

– Spokesman for the Education Minister

In October, the Welsh Government dropped its target to be in the top 20 places of international education league tables by next year.

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