Miliband promises to give Wales more powers

Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised a Welsh parliament with sweeping new powers over ports, energy and a 'greater say' over policing, at the Welsh Labour Conference in Swansea.

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  1. Nick Powell

Miliband spells out new powers for Wales

Labour leader Ed Miliband has told the Welsh Labour conference what extra powers a Labour Government at Westminster would devolve to Wales. In his speech to delegates in Swansea, he referred to the National Assembly as "the Welsh Parliament" and pre-empted the conclusion of cross-party talks aimed at delivering an agreement by St David's Day.

On one of the issues that's believed to have caused the most difficultly during the talks chaired by Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb -the devolution of policing- the Labour leader announced that his party intended to implement a compromise solution.

Under a Labour government the Welsh Parliament will play a greater role in the lives of the Welsh people, with power over ports, elections, energy and a greater say over policing.

My Labour government will enact proposals from the Silk Commission and more. Because I believe the Welsh people should have the power to decide who gets to choose their representatives and how it is that they choose their representatives.

So powers over elections in Wales should be in the hands of the Parliament. This means that Wales will be able to choose to extend the franchise, as they did in Scotland for the referendum. And it also means more powers over public services.

An all Wales Policing plan [would be] drawn up with the Home Secretary, giving the Welsh people responsibility to shape policing in Wales. And the Welsh people should have the power to determine what energy projects are right for Wales.

– Labour Leader Ed Miliband MP

The Labour leader said nothing about the further devolution of tax raising powers but promised that the party would make sure that Wales was not " "unfairly disadvantaged" by the Barnett formula.

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