Miliband promises to give Wales more powers

Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised a Welsh parliament with sweeping new powers over ports, energy and a 'greater say' over policing, at the Welsh Labour Conference in Swansea.

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Plaid Cymru: No Labour commitment to funding parity

Plaid Cymru have questioned Ed Miliband's pledges over more powers and fair funding for Wales, pointing out that he gave "no commitment that a Labour government would deliver parity with Scotland."

Mr Miliband talked a lot about taking action, but the actions of his Labour MPs over the past five years speak volumes. Time and time again the Labour party has voted against the Welsh national interest, has failed to empower our National Assembly with additional powers and responsibilities, and has instead chosen to keep power in the hands of the Westminster elite. On fair funding, the people of Wales deserve nothing less than full equality with Scotland which would translate into an additional £1.2billion each year. Mr Miliband gave no commitment to Wales that a Labour government would deliver parity with Scotland.

– Plaid Cymru spokesperson

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