Row over Welsh seat on Labour's governing body

Jeremy Corbyn and his allies have tried to overturn the NEC's decision on how new NEC seats for Scotland and Wales are chosen.

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Tories claim Corbyn is 'devil's luck' for Carwyn Jones

A Welsh Conservative spokesperson has described Jeremy Corbyn's re-election as 'another chapter in the protracted saga of the Labour party's decline' and predicted 'more infighting, more division, more chaos.'

The spokesperson added that Mr Corbyn's leadership causes big problems for Welsh Labour.

For Carwyn Jones, Corbyn’s re-election is the devil’s luck. He has steadfastly refused to back him and once even suggested he should stand down.

The two men agree on very little and Corbyn is rumoured to have drawn up a so-called ‘hit list’ of Welsh Labour officials who opposed his re-election, so a Sword of Damocles now hangs over Labour’s future in Wales.

Labour remain disunited, chaotic and incapable of forging a better future for Wales and the UK. It’s crystal clear that only the Conservatives, led by Theresa May, can deliver a country that works for everyone - not just the privileged few.

– Welsh Conservative spokesperson

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