Get meowta here! - trapped kitten rescued from 50ft castle wall

Henry is now safe and sound with all nine lives intact. Credit: RSCPA Cymru

A 3 month old kitten has been rescued after becoming trapped in barbed wire, 50 feet up a wall at Pembroke Castle.

Nicknamed Henry - after Pembroke castle most famous former resident, King Henry VII - the kitten was rescued by RSPCA Cymru and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

Henry is now safe and sound in RSPCA care - with all 9 lives intact!

It really was a horrible ordeal for the kitten.

It was just by chance someone saw the kitten struggling on the wall. The poor little thing was so frightened. We don’t know how he got there.

The fire service were absolutely brilliant. They had a safety line and went over the wall down about eight foot and rescued the kitten.

I took him straight to the vets where he was given antibiotics and pain relief and he is very sore and bruised and he has torn a bit of his skin on his thigh which should heal. But he is doing really well and is now recovering from his ordeal in our care.

He's eaten well overnight which is good as he's actually a little skinny under all that fur!

– Ellie West, RSPCA animal collection officer