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Collie wobbles off a cliff - and survives 300ft plunge

A brave border collie cross is lucky to be alive after survived a 300 feet fall off a snow-covered mountain. Georgie spent more than 18 hours marooned in snow - but was found alive after her ordeal.

Georgie broke her leg in the fall. Credit: Wales News Service

The 10-year-old dog was found with a broken leg after an overnight rescue mission by her owner and friends. Owner Simon Pierce said her survival was "a miracle" after her fall in the Swansea Valley mountains covered with snow.

The drama began when he and his wife Heather, of Resolven, near Neath, went for a mountain walk with Georgie. Simon said, "There was a ledge of frozen snow - and she went through it. She dropped 30 feet in the air and probably rolled another 270 feet down the hill."

The couple feared they had lost their pet. But former miner Simon was determined to do all he could to find Georgie - and began the slow descent in snow. He scoured the mountainside for four hours until being halted by darkness.

Then her returned with friends to find Georgie in the morning to carry her back to his car.

We took her to the vet. She has got a complicated leg break and some bruises and scrapes. The vet was surprised how she survived. She is a tough old boot. It was a miracle she survived.

– Simon Pierce

Brecon Beacons the coldest as we all shiver

Walkers were out in force yesterday. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

The temperature plunged to -7.1C last night at Sennybridge in Powys.

The Met Office has a yellow 'be aware' warning of ice across Wales. It says the public should be aware of the risk of difficult driving conditions and slippery surfaces.

Another frost is expected tonight.

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