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The Welshman "who won the war" remembered

Now 100 years ago Wales - and the world - was at war. Men from every line of work signed up to serve at the front, including several hundred from police forces in South Wales. In the Summer of 1918 one of them - Lieutenant Ernest Rollings - discovered a stash of German papers after his unit raided a German position. What happened next made him a celebrity in his own lifetime.

Welsh politicians call for action over refugee crisis

The First Minister has hit out at the UK Government over the deepening refugee crisis. Carwyn Jones says the Westminster government needs to 'rediscover some backbone and their moral compass'.

His comments came after his Government was accused of not stepping up to the mark.

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First Minister calls for UK to 'rediscover backbone' in migration crisis

Credit: PA

First Minister Carwyn Jones AM says Wales 'stands ready' to play a part in responding to the European migration crisis, but 'leadership' is needed from the UK Government.

Speaking as leader of the Welsh Labour party, Mr Jones said he supports the UK Labour party's call to accept 10,000 refugees.

Wales stands ready to play its full part in responding to this unfolding humanitarian tragedy, just as we always have done in the past. However, these are non-devolved issues and we desperately need to see some leadership from the UK Government on the matter.

This is not part of some diplomatic chess match, we are talking about human suffering on a massive scale. Sadly this Tory Government has once again abandoned its international responsibilities. They urgently need to rediscover some backbone and their moral compass - backing Labour's call to accept 10,000 refugees would be a good start and I offer my full support to this approach.

– Carwyn Jones AM


Special service marks 70th anniversary of VJ Day

A service took place at St John's church in Cardiff Credit: ITV Wales

Services have been taking part across Wales to mark the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day - the day that brought an end to the Second World War.

The biggest commemoration event of the weekend happens tomorrow at Llandaff Cathedral, but veterans say they're glad that people are remembering what happened 70 years ago today.

VJ Day followed the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombs in 1945.

Bombadier Raymond Clemo fought the Japanese in Burma Credit: ITV Wales

It's a wonderful feeling to think that the boys are still remembered from the Burma Campaign, because we were called the Forgotten Army.

– Bombadier Raymond Clemo
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