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EU debate: No threat to current Welsh jobs, says Airbus

Aerospace giant Airbus, which employs 6,000 workers in Flintshire, is the latest business to warn it would reconsider investing in the UK were Britain to leave the EU.

Paul Kahn, president of the plane maker's UK operation, said he thought it was "vital" that firms took a view on a so-called 'Brexit' - Britain exiting the EU - following a promised in/out referendum.

He told ITV News: "The reality is that we make our wings in Wales and we sell European aircraft. So we want to be in an environment where we can do that as efficiently and as competitively as possible.

"There is absolutely no threat to our current jobs or our current sites in the UK."

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Computer programme 'aids rescue effort'

A seismic graph. Credit: Ralf Hirschberger/DPA/PA Images

Cardiff University says experts are helping the immediate rescue efforts in Nepal by providing a real-time assessment of the risk of more landslides after Saturday’s earthquake.

Dr Robert Parker and his team from the University’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences have developed a computer program calleds ShakeSlide.

The University says organisations like The World Bank and MapAction are now collaborating with Dr Parker directly, working alongside the disaster assessment teams.

The model predictions provide a rapid, first-order assessment of earthquake-triggered landslide hazards, and are currently being used to guide efforts to map landslide damage caused by Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal.

– Dr Robert Parker, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

South Wales fire crew to help with Nepal rescue efforts

The South Wales Fire and Rescue service has sent a crew to help with the rescue efforts in Nepal following a major earthquake.

Rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors after the devastating earthquake. Credit: PA

The major earthquake has left more than 4,000 dead and thousands injured and homeless.

The crew is part of a 70-strong contingent from across the UK being sent to help the Nepalese rescue service carry our search and rescue operations.

The team of six firefighters have been trained in urban search and rescue environments and are specifically trained for 'collapsed rescues'.

The crew has previously been deployed to New Zealand and Indonesia where they have helped with post-earthquake operations.

Richard Matheson from South Wales Fire and Rescue says the operation will be very difficult.

Welsh travellers fight to get home after Nepal earthquake

Welsh travellers who have survived the earthquake in Nepal are battling to get transport out of the country.

Several climbers from Cardiff and from North East Wales have contacted relatives to say they are safe - as the number of dead tops 4,000.

A Welsh-funded school in the earthquake zone is offering a roof to around 100 local people who have had to flee their homes.

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