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Special service marks 70th anniversary of VJ Day

A service took place at St John's church in Cardiff Credit: ITV Wales

Services have been taking part across Wales to mark the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day - the day that brought an end to the Second World War.

The biggest commemoration event of the weekend happens tomorrow at Llandaff Cathedral, but veterans say they're glad that people are remembering what happened 70 years ago today.

VJ Day followed the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombs in 1945.

Bombadier Raymond Clemo fought the Japanese in Burma Credit: ITV Wales

It's a wonderful feeling to think that the boys are still remembered from the Burma Campaign, because we were called the Forgotten Army.

– Bombadier Raymond Clemo


Terminally ill man ends his life at Swiss clinic Dignitas

A terminally ill North Wales man who called for a change to the UK law on assisted dying has ended his life at a Swiss clinic.

Bob Cole, 68, said he would end his life at the Dignitas euthanasia unit around 18 months after watching his wife Ann Hall do the same.

Bob Cole had vowed to end his life at a Swiss clinic, saying he wanted to Credit: ITV Wales

The former carpenter, who had an aggressive form of lung cancer called mesothelioma, had told The Sun newspaper: "I should be able to die with dignity in my own country, in my own bed. The law needs to change. How do you change the law? People have got to take a stand."


Wales Deaf Rugby team beats South Africa 48 - 3

The Wales Deaf Rugby team have defeated their rivals in South Africa this afternoon by 48 points to three.

Held in Pretoria, it was the first of two tests and also the first time the two teams have competed against each other.

The next test is on Wednesday afternoon.

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