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Lib Dem leader calls for Welsh anti-extremism strategy

In the Senedd, Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams has called for a specific anti-extremism strategy for Wales following the revelations that two Cardiff men appeared in an Iraqi Islamist recruitment video. Kirsty Williams said:

Last year, the UK Government set up the Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Task Force to look into the issue. While this is welcome, this should be backed by a specific Welsh anti-extremism strategy to ensure that our communities remains safe.

People will of course be very worried and upset that men who have grown up here in Wales have resorted to joining extreme and dangerous groups. Not only do we need to remember that these men are very much in a minority, but we must also look at the potential causes that have led them to take these drastic measures.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat leader



British jihadi's teenage vow to 'rid world from evil'

One of the British jihadis filmed in an Isis propaganda video was filmed as a teenager saying he wanted to "get rid of the evil of the world" in a film in 2011, the Mirror reports.

Watch: British Jihadis make 'call to arms' to Muslims in the West

Reyaad Khan, 20, was filmed as a 17-year-old by Tim Short discussing issues facing UK teens. Credit: ITV News

Reyaad Khan, 20, from Cardiff appears in a 23 minute film about problems UK teens face and how to overcome them. He said:

"You just got to get rid of the evil... if everyone can just choose the good the evil will go away.

"If you’re around people drug dealing every day its hard not to get tied into that.”

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15K items of jihadist propaganda removed from internet

The Prime Minister's spokeswoman said 15,000 items of "jihadist propaganda" have been removed from the internet.

The full length version of the film featuring young British men has been removed. Credit: Isis

YouTube said last night it would take down any full-length versions of a film of British jihadists calling on young Muslims to fight in Syria and Iraq.

The Government has removed 15,000 pieces of extremist material from the web since December, about 180 per day, the spokesperson said.

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Views of Wales from Brussels: 'Many sheep, in England'

So, as we prepare to welcome the world's leaders at the NATO summit in Newport, what do people from other parts of the world know about Wales?

The answer - in many cases, it seems - is very little!

As the First Minister meets foreign ministers in Brussels, our Correspondent Carole Green has been asking people in the Belgian capital for their impressions of Wales.

One man replies: "Wales, what is Wales?", while what comes to mind for a woman is "green, many sheep, in England."

First Minister visits Brussels ahead of Nato summit

The First Minister is in Brussels today to attend a meeting of foreign ministers alongside William Hague, ahead of the Nato summit in Newport in September.

Carwyn Jones has welcomed the NATO summit as an 'opportunity to showcase Wales.' Credit: PA

Carwyn Jones says the summit, at the Celtic Manor, is a unique opportunity for Wales to raise its profile on the world stage.

Watch: Newport prepares to welcome world leaders at NATO summit



Hammond to visit Gulf allies in stand against Isis gains

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is to embark on a tour of Gulf states in a show of British support in the face of Isis's advances in Iraq.

Philip Hammond will tour the Middle East to drum up political support against Isis gains. Credit: PA

Mr Hammond will meet ministers from of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar during his two-day visit to the region starting tomorrow.

"The UK is deeply concerned by the recent developments in Iraq and the gains made by Isis.

"Although the UK is not planning a military intervention, we are committed to finding a long-term political solution," Mr Hammond said.

"We remain committed to the security of the Gulf, and want to reassure our friends and allies that we will do everything possible to support those who are working for a stable and democratic Iraqi state and to alleviate humanitarian suffering."


Osborne: No absence of money to keep country safe

Chancellor George Osborne has played down suggestions that monitoring British Jihadis returning to the UK could be hampered by a shortage of funds.

He told BBC Breakfast: "There's no absence of money to keep our country safe. We've made a huge investment in security and counter-terrorism.

Screengrab of Isis 'recruitment' video on YouTube.
George Osborne's comments came after Brits were shown in an Isis 'recruitment' video. Credit: YouTube

"I don't think it's a question of the money, because we've not only protected the counter-terrorism budget, we've increased funding for the security services.

"But it's a question of priorities, I think. These are highly-trained professionals in the security services and the police and they do profiles, they work out who are most likely to be the biggest risks and of course they focus their human resources on that."

"The police and the security service and the Government are working intensively on this, as I've seen for myself," the Chancellor added.


Isis video makes 'it look a like a boy scout camp'

The Isis video featuring British Jidahis glamourises and plays down the violence fighters in Syria and Iraq face, the head of Greater Manchester Police has said.

Watch: British Jihadis make 'call to arms' to Muslims in West

Sir Peter Fahy told Good Morning Britain the video featuring three British jihadis "makes it look like a boy scout camp going out there" when really they were asking for Muslims to attack other Muslims in a "brutal" and "callous" war.

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