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Heavy rain and sunny spells create mixed picture

There will be early heavy rain in the southeast this morning, but this will quickly clear eastwards.

There will also be persistent rain across northern Scotland, which will be locally heavy. This will slowly edge northwards, but not clear the far north.

Elsewhere, after a rather cloudy start, there will be sunny spells and scattered showers, these could be heavy with possible thunder at times.

The showers will also be heavy, thundery and slow moving across eastern Scotland, where there is a Met Office yellow rainfall warning in force. Highs today of 24 Celsius (75 F).


Rain in the south west but sunny spells for the rest to 24C

Expect rain across the far southwest with potentially heavy downpours over higher ground, which will move northeastwards through the day.

Rain in the south west but sunny spells for the rest to 24C. Credit: Met Ofiice

But for much of Scotland and the south and east of England, it will remain dry with bright or sunny spells.

With light winds in the east, it will remain pleasantly warm in the sunshine with a top temperature of 24C.


Rain and thunder but sunshine and showers in parts

Outbreaks of rain with possibly heavy thunder alongside cloud will affect parts of south-east England, in particular Kent, Sussex and parts of East Anglia, during the morning.

Rain and thunder but sunshine and showers in parts. Credit: PA

Elsewhere, there will be a mixture of sunshine and showers. The showers are likely to be heavy at times, with the risk of hail and thunder, and these will move eastwards during the afternoon.

The heaviest of the showers will become confined across southern Scotland and Northeast England later in the day. It will be less warm than previous days in the south, but it will feel pleasantly warm in the sunshine, with temperatures reaching highs of 23 Celsius (73F).

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