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Anglia weather: clear periods, cloudier near coast

Earlier flooding at Witham railway station- rain now dying out Credit: Pete Wilson

Saturday evening: Showers slowly dying out overnight with clear spells developing. Possibly one or two showers near coasts. Some mist patches will reform. Breezy near coasts, winds lighter inland. Minimum temperature 10 deg C (50F).

Sunday: Mainly dry on Sunday with some good sunny spells. One or two light showers are possible near coasts. Much fresher than of late in the northerly breeze. Maximum temperature 19 deg C (66 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Dry on Monday and Tuesday with some sunshine and light winds. Feeling fresher with chilly nights. A little more cloud on Wednesday perhaps with the odd shower.


Risk of further heavy, thundery downpours

By Amanda Houston, ITV Weather presenter.

Further heavy thunderstorms are expected in southern areas this afternoon, with the risk of localised flooding.

Elsewhere it's a mixture of isolated showers and bright spells. The best of the sunshine will be in Scotland, Northern Ireland and north-western areas.

It will feel cooler than recent days, maximum temperature 20C.

Rain will clear the south throughout tonight with clear spells developing in many places.

It should be much cooler than last night with temperatures falling down to 5C in some rural areas.

A much quieter, fresher but brighter day follows on Sunday.

Isolated thundery showers across England for a time

There will be some thundery showers, which are then confined to eastern areas.

Isolated thundery showers will continue across England for a time, before becoming confined to the east by the end of the morning.

Elsewhere, across England and Wales it will be a rather cloudy day with occasional rain or drizzle.

Northern Ireland and Scotland will be largely dry with some brighter spells, especially this afternoon and it will feel fresher here.

The top temperature will be 21C.

Temperatures remaining above average

Scattered showers for England and Wales overnight but drier in Scotland.

Sunny spells forecast for tomorrow particularly in the North.

Some cloud for Yorkshire, South East and East Anglia but temperatures still above average, with highs of 22 degrees in the South East.

Weather: Sunny start to the weekend

Showers may turn thundery in Southern England and Wales but drier in the North tonight.

Cooler in Scotland with temperatures dropping to around 8 degrees but muggy in the south of England with temperatures around 16 degrees.

Bright sunny spells forecast for tomorrow with cloud and drizzle forecast for East Anglia and Yorkshire while temperatures in the South East could reach 22 degrees.


Weather: Calmer afternoon follows last night's storms

After a pretty eventful night, things are calming down. We do have some scattered showers across much of England and Wales, but in Northern Ireland and western Scotland they are lighter and we will see some sunny spells pushing through at times.

Another gloomy day in north-eastern England and eastern Scotland, with plenty of cloud cover and lingering mist.

Temperatures this afternoon are still high down in the south this afternoon, with highs of 24C in the south-east.

Tonight it is set to be cloudy with scattered showers - cooler up in the north and remaining muggier further south.

Mix of sunshine and scattered heavy showers

Despite scattered heavy showers there could still be highs of 25C. Credit: Met Office

There will be a mix of sunshine and also scattered heavy showers across southern parts of the country today.

The west will see the best of the sunshine while the north will stay mostly dry. However, mist and fog may still affect eastern areas.

Sunny spells should develop as the day goes on with temperatures reaching highs of 25C (77F).

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