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US flood threat after snowstorm

Forecasters have issued a flood alert in the US following a snowstorm on the east coast.

Seven feet of snow fell in three days in the Buffalo area of western New York state killing at least 12 this week.

Tow truck operators remove stranded cars after a winter storm dropped over fifty plus inches in Western New York Credit: Alex Horvath/Zuma Press/Press Association Images

The National Weather Service issued a flood watch for Sunday to Wednesday and the state's governor said pumps, boats, and helicopters would be sent in to help with the forecast flooding.

Mostly cloudy with rain but turning brighter north and west

There will be fog and rain scattered across the UK today. Credit: ITV Weather

A mostly cloudy start with hill fog and occasional rain, which will be particularly heavy across Scotland.

The rain will gradually ease, becoming confined to the southeast where it stays mild and murky.

Drier, brighter, colder conditions push into the north and west.

Tonight the rain, low cloud and hill fog pushes northwestwards across much of England and Wales.

It will be mostly dry and clear elsewhere with patchy frost and fog. Showers feed into the far northwest.


At least 12 dead in New York State snowstorms

Up to 7ft of snow has fallen in the Buffalo area. Credit: Reuters

At least 12 people have died during snowstorms which have hit New York State.

Most of the deaths were from heart attacks or exposure to the extreme conditions after a year's worth of snow fell in just three days.

Two elderly residents of a nursing home died after a roof collapsed as they were being evacuated.

Many residents were snowed in after three days of heavy snow. Credit: Reuters

More than 30 major roof collapses, mostly involving farm and flat-roof buildings, were reported overnight, officials said.

Some farm animals were reportedly injured in damaged barns.

Residents are now preparing for potential flooding as the snow thaws and there are fears the sheer weight of it could cause more roofs to cave in.

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