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Frosty and icy start to turn dry and bright for many

It will be a frosty and icy start for most this morning, with crisp sunshine.

There will be showers to the northwest which will ease through the day.

It will be a frosty and icy start for most this morning. Credit: ITV Weather

Most places will see decent spells of sunshine with the best of the brightness to the northeast.

Top temperature will be 10C (50F).


Weather: Another cold and blustery day ahead

There will be highs of 9C in London.

It will be another cold and blustery day with wintry showers in many places this morning.

There's a risk of snow to settling to low levels in Scotland and Northern Ireland at first, whereas in England and Wales the main concern is for local icy stretches and hill snow. However, there could be a few centimetres of snow briefly settling in parts of the Midlands.

Later on, during the afternoon, the showers in the south will ease and there'll be plenty of sunshine. We'll see further rain, sleet and hill snow this afternoon in the north, mainly across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Strong, gusty winds will make it feel cold. Highs of 9 Celsius in London.


Weather: Cold and windy with scattered showers

Showers will be felt mostly in the north and north-west.

It will be a cold and windy day with a mix of sunshine and showers.

Showers will be heaviest and most frequent in the north and northwest where they'll be wintry in many places with snow settling over hills.

Further south, showers will be a mix of rain, sleet and hail at low-levels with snow confined to hills. Turning drier here this afternoon with some sunshine.

Feeling cold everywhere in the blustery wind, especially near any heavy showers.

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