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Donations flood in at collection points for refugees

Bristol Wood Recycling Centre are collecting donations for refugee camps Credit: ITV News

Local efforts are being stepped up to collect aid for refugee camps in Europe. It is reported that collection points have been inundated with donations. At the Bristol Wood Recyling they are collecting for refugee camps in Calais and say they have been overwhelmed by the amount of donations they've received with one worker telling ITV News it has "restored his faith in humanity."

Over the last week I've been seeing a continuous stream on social media about the story and in particular that horrible picture of that child and I realised there was something that I could do. I put a shout out to my friends and I had 7 or 8 mates who all had something that they could get rid of so I've brought it down here and didn't leave. They're a bit understaffed and they looked like they needed someone who could sort things and the place has filled up from almost nothing when I first got here a few hours ago. it restores your faith in humanity.

– Nile Cookson, local Tree Surgeon

Nile says as they are collecting items for refugee camps in Calais they do not need women and children items as there are mainly men there. And he also tells us what kinds of foods they need:

Southmead concert raises more than £10,000

Work will start next month on rebuilding The Ranch Credit: ITV News

Work to rebuild a children's playground destroyed by an arson attack will start next month after a huge fundraising effort by local people.

The Ranch in Southmead , which had stood for 50 years, was burnt down in June.

But a concert there last night took donations over £10,000, enough to begin work on its replacement.

Two 18-year-old men have been arrested.

Paddy Dorney Team Manager at The Ranch talks about the exciting times ahead:


'If only each town could take 100 refugees', says Bosnia hero

Malcolm McCromack (middle) carrying a young Bosnian refugee to safety Credit: ITV News

A man from Wincanton who played a key role in rescuing refugees from war-torn Bosnia says more action is needed to ease the current crisis in Europe.

Malcolm McCormack headed a mercy mission that saw Bosnian people brought to the west country.

Now, more than 20 years later and on the day the Prime Minister promised Britain will take thousands more refugees, Mr McCormack says there's a new urgency for local action:


Bristol man finds one of world's largest spiders in the post

The tarantula was "a little bit annoyed" when he came out of the parcel. Credit: PA

A man who opened a parcel addressed to his new home in Bristol was horrified to discover it contained the third largest spider in the world.

It was in a Return to Sender package intended for the previous owner. Inside was a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater spider that can grow to have a leg span of 28cm, and are known to be semi-aggressive.

He took it to a vet in Whitchurch - who found it to be "a little bit annoyed"...

Bristol residents determined to rebuild playground

The residents of Southmead in Bristol are determined to rebuild the playground that was burnt down three months ago.

This evening they're returning to The Ranch to raise funds - so by next summer, children can once again enjoy the park.

Making the loss harder was the fact that a few weeks before the fire, a lot of money had been spent renovating the playground, using the designs of local children. But this has not stopped the community fighting back.

Two 18-year-old men from Southmead were arrested on suspicion of arson shortly after the attack in June and remain on bail.

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