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Road rage baseball bat assault in Cheltenham

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a motorist was assaulted with a baseball bat in Cheltenham, receiving a serious but not life threatening head injury.

The baseball bat broke in two during the assault.

It happened on the afternoon of Tuesday 31 March when the victim stopped at traffic lights at the junction of Princess Elizabeth Way and Orchard Avenue, and a van behind was in collision.

The victim, age 45, got out of his car, a green Peugeot 206, and approached the van behind to discuss the incident.

He was assaulted by the male who was leaning out of the van, which has been described as a silver transit van with a roof rack and a ladder and/or pipes on the roof.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is being asked to contact Gloucestershire Police.


New Honda car made in Swindon will be exported to North America

New Honda car made in Swindon will be exported to North America Credit: Honda

Honda Civics made at the Swindon Honda Plant will be exported to the USA.

It comes just a day after the announcement Honda UK said it will secure thousands of jobs at the Wiltshire site by investing £200million in car production.

This significant announcement demonstrates the opportunity available to the Swindon operation and reinforces the quality and reliability of the product coming from our UK facility.

– Philip Crossman, managing director of Honda UK
  1. David Woodland

Family campaign for new cancer drug test

A cancer patient from Taunton who became the first teenager in Britain to have a metal port fitted to his head, has suffered a set back in his treatment.

James Willetts had a small hole put in his skull so that drugs could target the tumour directly without affecting the rest of his brain.

But it's failing to work. His family are now campaigning for a new drug to be trialled on James.

David Woodland reports.

Labour accused of letting 'cat out of the bag' on income tax

Ed Balls speaking to Ian Axton on Tuesday's ITV News West Country

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has been criticised by the Tories for his comments on our programme yesterday, in which he refused to rule out lowering the 40p tax rate threshold if Labour get into power.

According to the Daily Mail, Chancellor George Osborne described the comments as confirming "a tax assault on middle earners".

Ed Balls has let the cat out of the bag ... He has confirmed that he and Ed Miliband will put up taxes on middle Britain. It is part of Labour's £3,000 tax rise for working families. By contrast, the Conservative plan is to increase to £50,000 the threshold at which people pay the higher rate of tax.

– George Osborne

The paper reports a Labour spokesman describing the Conservative proposal as "completely unfunded", and saying the party's spending plans could lead to an increase in VAT and cuts to the NHS.

Working people are paying more under this government, which is why the only tax changes we are proposing are on the very richest in society like reversing the Tory tax cut for millionaires.

– Labour Party spokesman

The Shadow Chancellor's original comments:


The West Country April Fools

Dino-chicks from Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

From dinosaur chicks to texting lanes in shopping centres - there were plenty of imaginative April Fool jokes in the West Country today. Longleat started the ball rolling with their spoof idea of bubble wrap to protect cars from marauding monkeys at the Wiltshire Safari Park.

Texting lanes for shoppers? Credit: Clarks Shopping Village
No monkey business at Longleat Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Clarks Shopping Village at Street in Somerset provided convincing pictures of their texting lanes for shoppers - an idea that might gain some credibility with people sick of swerving to avoid phone addicts. And Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in North Somerset claimed to have bred the missing link between dinosaurs and birds. Elsewhere, the Bristol Post reported that cyclists were being recruited to escort lorries through Bristol city centre to make roads safer.

Hinkley Point protestors removed by police

All clear at the entrance to Hinkley Point Credit: ITV News West Country

Police say protestors blocking the entrance to Hinkley Point were removed at 9.15am. Ten anti nuclear campaigners from several organisations including South West Against Nuclear and CND arrived at 6.30am to block the road. Three linked themselves together with their arms inside metal tubes. They were removed after specialist cutting gear was brought in.

Dino-chicks born in North Somerset animal park - are they the missing link?

Is this the missing link? Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Scientists are investigating claims that a zoo in North Somerset has become the first to successfully breed a missing link between dinosaur and bird species, named Tielosaur.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm says it kept a special breeding programme under wraps after careful research. Using privately sourced prehistoric genetic material, the zoo claims to have made a successful attempt to breed two reptile-bird species long since extinct.

‘Tielosaur’ and the second, tentatively called ‘Velocisaur’ after physical similarity to the well-known meat eating dinosaur Velociraptor were bred in incubators usually used for the zoos birds of prey and farm yard fowl.

Keepers and research staff are said to be celebrating the successful hatching of four dino-chicks which are being closely monitored in controlled conditions.

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