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Man rescued after being stuck in the mud at Weston

Coastguard teams and the new search and rescue helicopter were called to the beach at Weston-super-Mare Credit:

A man has been rescued after getting stuck in the mud at Weston-super-Mare. The coastguard was alerted at 2pm that he was struggling near the Grand Pier.

Coastguard rescue teams, the Burnham Area Rescue Boat (BARB) hovercrafts and the new search and rescue helicopter were all called to assist the man who was knee deep in the mud. He had been digging for worms for fishing bait when it happened.

They used specialist equipment to free the man, which injects air and water around them. He was shaken and exhausted but unharmed.

Getting stuck in mud can be a terrifying experience. The tide at Weston-super-Mare comes in very quickly and flows through gullies at enormous speed. The teams did a great job of extracting the man and although he was cold and wet he was uninjured.

“We would advise members of the public to take great care around estuarial mud and not to take risks near it. If you do become stuck in mud at the coast, spread your weight as much as possible, try not to struggle and call 999 immediately.

– Ian Thomas, for the UK Coastguard
The crews used specialist equpment to rescue the man Credit:

Two people rescued from Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge in Somerset Credit: ITV News

Two people have been rescued from Cheddar Gorge this evening. Fire and ambulance crews and a specialist rescue team were called out at 5.30pm after two people fell 50ft onto a ledge on the cliff face.

One of the casualties had possible pelvic injuries and was airlifted out by a search and rescue helicopter and taken to hospital. The second was uninjured and was helped to safety by the fire service.


CCTV of van said to have moved Becky's remains

16-year-old Becky Watts was murdered in February 2015 Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

The court in the case of two people accused of murdering Bristol teenager Becky Watts has been shown footage of an Airbus van that the prosecution alleges was used to transport her dismembered remains.

It was captured on CCTV being driven in the early hours of 24 February - the time it's alleged the teenager's remains were moved to a shed in Barton Hill where they were later found.

A worker from Airbus told Bristol Crown Court he'd overheard Karl Demetrius and James Ireland, who worked for contractors at the Filton site, talk about a job collecting and delivering something. The court heard they would be paid £5,000 for the work.

Karl Demetrius and his girlfriend Jaydene Parsons have pleaded guilty to assisting an offender but maintain they had no idea that the packages contained Becky's body parts.

Karl's twin brother Donovan Demetrius and James Ireland deny the charge.

Becky's step brother Nathan Matthews and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare were both charged with conspiracy to kidnap and murder Becky Watts. Nathan Matthews denies murder but admits killing her, he has also pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, preventing the burial of a corpse and possessing two stun guns. Shauna Hoare denies all charges.

The trial continues


Bathroom of Matthews and Hoare's home was 'cleaner than the rest of the house'

The house in Cotton Mill Lane, Bristol Credit: ITV News

A police officer who helped conduct a preliminary search of Matthews and Hoare's home has told the court how the bathroom was the only room in the house with a closed door.

Simon Wallis told the court: "The bathroom door was at the top of the stairs. The bathroom door was shut with a towel rolled up at the bottom of the door.

"I asked which this room was. He said it was the bathroom. It was the only door that was shut".

The previous witness - another officer in the search - had already described to the jury how the house was full of clutter, with a bad smell. Mr Wallis described how the bathroom was "cleaner than the rest of the house":

The bathroom window was open. The actual bath itself was clear. There was nothing on it or on the sides at all. However, on the floor of the bathroom there were bags.

The bath was clean.

– DC Simon Wallis

Mr Wallis also told the jury that the house gave him the impression that Matthews was a "hoarder". He allegedly told the witness that if he ever saw a item discarded on the street which he thought he could fix he would bring it home.

It was hard to envisage a family living comfortably at the address due to the volume of clutter scattered around the house.

– DC Simon Wallis

Matthews admits killing Becky and dismembering her body in his bath - but he denies murder. Hoare denies all charges against her. The trial will resume on Monday.

Dewani "Evidence of liars led to witch hunt against me"

Shrien Dewani in court in South Africa Credit: ITV News

Shrien Dewani, the Bristol businessman cleared of arranging his wife's murder, broke his silence today for the first time since he walked free from court. It came in a letter to the coroner who was asked by Anni Dewani's family - and refused - to re-open the inquest into her death.

Three men have been jailed in South Africa for her murder. This is what Mr Dewani wrote:

I would like to make clear that I have a significant number of questions which remain unanswered about the night that my wife and I were kidnapped and Anni was tragically shot after being taken away from me.

Each of the gang members did a deal with the authorities to gain either full immunity or vastly reduced sentences in return for providing evidence against me. It is the evidence of these proven liars that led to a witch hunt against me and the resulting failure to pursue the truth of what happened that night.

It is clear that none of the evidence provided by these persons was corroborated in any meaningful way. This has allowed the individuals concerned to literally get away with murder.

– Shrien Dewani, writing to the coroner

Coroner criticises failures in care of tragic mum

Charlotte Bevan and her four day old baby died in a fall at Avon Gorge in December 2014 Credit: Family

A coroner has criticised a series of failures by health officials at the inquest of Charlotte Bevan, who fell to her death with her 4-day-old daughter Zaani in Bristol's Avon Gorge last December.

Maria Voisin said there were missed opportunities to properly care for a woman with a history of mental health problems.

Charlotte Bevan walked out of St Michael's Hospital wearing hospital slippers and carrying her baby daughter wrapped in a blanket on 2 December 2014.

By the time medical staff contacted police, she was already by the Clifton suspension Bridge. Their bodies were found in Avon Gorge the next day.

Speaking outside the hearing, Charlotte Bevan's mother called for a special ward to be set up for pregnant mothers with mental health problems.

This has been a very difficult time for everybody

We would urge commissioners to fund a dedicated perinatal mental health unit.

– Rachel Fortune, Charlotte Bevan's mother

Matthew and Hoare's home 'full of stuff' during police visit

A police officer who conducted the first visit to Matthews and Hoare's home has described the state of the house on 24 February.

The court heard that the house was "full of stuff", and that the blind was down. Police could get into the kitchen, but only just - due to the amount of clutter in the hallway.

DC Lisa Aruthan says that upstairs there was furniture and other items on the landing, and the main bedroom was also full.

She added that there was very little interaction between herself and Hoare, but that Matthews was helpful and talkative.

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