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Travel: Lane closure on M5

Credit: Ben Birchall / PA

There's queueing traffic and a lane has been blocked on the entry slip road due to accident.

A single vehicle has ended up on its side after being involved in an accident on the M5 Northbound at Junction 19, A369 (Portishead) - leaving traffic queuing on the road.

Congestion is also building on the A369, The Portbury Hundred to Station Road.


Four magistrates courts to close in months

The Government's announced that it's closing a series of court buildings around the West as part of a modernisation programme aimed at reducing under-used facilities. It comes despite strong local oppositiion which only succeeded in saving one of the threatened courts, in Bath.

Magistrates' courts at Chippenham, Stroud, Gloucester and Yate will be shut over the next few months, as will a tribunal building in Cheltenham. It's not clear how many jobs are affected, but for witnesses and defendants in those areas there will clearly be longer journeys to attend hearings.

The inclusion of Chippenham on the list is perhaps a surprise, since it is only 25 years old and was purpose built to meet high security standards. But it is only used 40% of the time and costs half a million pounds a year to run. We spoke to MP for Chippenham Michelle Donelan.

Hundreds of doughnuts thrown out at Krispy Kreme

Hundreds of doughnuts in bin bags at Krispy Kreme at Avonmeads Credit: Chris Clewes

A man from Bristol has captured a huge amount of doughnuts being thrown out at a Krispy Kreme.

Chries Clewes spotted the huge pile of waste at Avonmeads where hundreds of unwanted doughnuts had been put into bin bags and dumped.

The Kirspy Kreme doughnut company defended its waste policy after the photo appeared to show bin overflowing with thousands of their unsold products.

The company say they return all unsold produce from it's national stores to the Bristol Hotlight store on a daily basis, where they're then taken for recycling.


Police need better procedures around taser use

Tasers fire barbs connected to a battery

The police watchdog says two West Country forces need to tighten up procedures over the use of tasers.

Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Police have been told they require improvement in the way they deploy the weapons. A report by the Inspector of Constabulary says both forces also need to improve how they deal with people who are stopped and searched.

Baby otter rescued after her home is flooded

Immy the otter

A baby otter is being cared for in Somerset after she was rescued from her flooded home.

Immy - who's been named after storm Imogen - was spotted washed up on a riverbank in Stonehouse in Gloucestershire on Sunday.

She's now being looked at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue near Bridwater.

“She’s been through a rough experience, but thanks to the quick actions of her finder, Immy is doing really well now”

“She’s about six weeks old, we think. I’m feeding her with a puppy milk replacement every couple of hours, and although she’s lost some weight since being rescued, I’m really pleased that she’s now putting it back on again."

"She’s a feisty little girl, and very playful and noisy with her high-pitched peeping. At first she seemed anxious but now she’s bright, healthy and likes to give me a good nip!"

– Josie Nott, animal carer
Immy was named after storm Imogen
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