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Becky Watts trial: CCTV shows Matthews buying saw

Nathan Matthews in B&Q Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

CCTV has been shown in court of Nathan Matthews buying a circular saw in B&Q the day after Becky Watts' death.

A shop worker from the the store told the court she was able to remember the transaction because Matthews disputed the price of the circular saw. She called a colleague to confirm the price. After explaining, Matthews was allegedly heard to say that he needed the item that day and would buy it anyway.

Hoare told police of issues between Becky and Matthews over Becky's stepmother

The officer who spoke to Hoare about her movements on 19 and 20 February has told the court what account she gave to the police.

DC Matthews interviewed Hoare outside her stepfather's house on 23 February.

The court heard that when she was asked about Becky, Hoare said that Becky was not shy, and would use her appearance to get what she wanted.

Defence questioning

The defence pointed out that Hoare described herself as the carer of Becky's stepmother.

The jury also heard that Hoare had shared information with the police about Becky's background, saying that when Becky was younger she had suffered from anorexia and that her behavior had started to change as she realised boys were paying her more attention.

The jury also heard how Hoare told police that Becky was "rude" to stepmother Anjie, and that this had caused friction between Becky and her dad.

Hoare also told the police about how Becky was often jealous of Matthews' relationship with his mother Anjie . The officer wrote in her notebook that "this makes them at odds with each other" - but the court also heard that, according to Hoare, Matthews and Becky had seemed to be getting on better recently.


Matthews told police he and Becky had 'a normal relationship'

A police officer who spoke to Matthews on 23 February has told the court how Matthews described his relationship with Becky.

In a police statement about that conversation, DC Clare French wrote that she asked Matthews about any "heart to hearts" between himself and Becky. He allegedly recounted that Becky would moan about things but was not very open, and they didn't discuss their emotions or feelings.

When asked if he got on with Becky, Matthews allegedly answered "he does and he doesn't", saying Becky was "quick to snap". But he described it as "a normal relationship"

The officer also told the court how Matthews described his and Hoare's movements on 19 February - the day of Becky's death.

The jury heard that he told DC Clare French that he and Hoare had let themselves into Becky's family house using a key Becky's stepmother had left out for them. He apparently added that he heard the front door slam but did not look out of the window. He said he did not see Becky inside the house.

DC describes trying to get Matthews and Hoare to return home

A police officer assisting with the search for Becky has told the court how she tried to contact Matthews and Hoare on 23 February.

She recalled that nobody answered the door when she went to their home - the curtains were drawn upstairs, and blinds on the ground floor were closed.

The court heard how the officer returned to the property at 6pm that evening, accompanied by another officer. Again there was no answer.

The officer then told the jury how she rang Matthews' mobile, and that Hoare answered - informing her that Matthews was driving. The police officer told Matthews that she needed to speak to him and advised that they would need to search the property.

The officer asked the pair to return home, Matthews said they were due to meet Hoare's stepfather and go out for a meal. Hoare had not seen her stepfather for about three years - the court heard.

The DC told the court that Matthews and Hoare "made it quite plain" that they would not return home - and suggested they meet the next day.

DC Clare French says she remained persistent, saying she needed to see them that night. They agreed to meet at Hoare's stepfather's house in Southmead.

The jury heard police arrived at 18:40. DC French described how Matthews was asked about Becky's movement and her relationship with her. The conversation lasted about 10 minutes.

Defence questioning

A recording of the phone call between police and Hoare and Matthews was played in court.

The Defence pointed out in questioning that Hoare was heard to say "they need to speak to us tonight" and volunteered the address of her stepfather.

Matthews allegedly told shop assistant he needed circular saw 'that day'

A shop worker at B&Q has told the court how Matthews thought he was getting a lesser price for a circular saw bought the day after Becky's death.

The witness - who had worked at the store for a number of years - described how police asked her to look at a receipt which listed a number of items, including a circular saw.

The receipt was for 12:51pm and came to £88.40.

Just a normal customer who came to the checkout

– Kelly Lee, store worker

The witness said she was able to remember the transaction because Matthews disputed the price of the circular saw. She called a colleague to confirm the price. After explaining, Matthews was allegedly heard to say that he needed the item that day and would buy it anyway.

The jury heard that store records could be produced which tally with the evidence of the receipt.

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