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Helen Glover gets a gold surprise

Cornwall's rowing star Helen Glover has had an 'amazing surprise' after returning home following her Olympic victory. The gold medallist took to twitter after finding a gold postbox- apparently painted by her neighbours.

During the London Olympics and paralympics in 2012, the Royal Mail painted post boxes gold to to celebrate every Team GB and ParalympicsGB gold medal.


Seal finds ideal sun trap on work crew's boat

The seal thought it had found the ideal suntrap on the River Tone Credit: Environment Agency SW

It seems the sunshine encouraged everyone to bathe in its glory today - including this seal.

The Pirate seal spotted the ideal spot to catch some rays after the Environment Agency parked its weeding boat nearby.

The crew had to "calmly persuade" the lounging mammal to jump off the vessel on the River Tone so they could continue with their work!


Warning after fraudsters target parents with distressing messages

Police are warning parents to be on their guard after fraudsters have begun sending distressing messages in the hope of scamming money.

Victims initially receive a text message from a loved-one saying they are in hospital and the only way they can make contact is via text message.

After responding to the message, fraudsters then ask victims to purchase a mobile phone top-up code and text it to them.

Once the crooks have the code they get the cash credited to their own mobile phone account.

These messages can evolve into more elaborate scenarios and are designed to play on your emotions and get you to react quickly without thinking.

Remember that if a family member, loved-one or friend was hospitalised, they wouldn’t be forced to use a mobile phone that required credit to activate it as staff would easily be able to contact you by other means.

– Wiltshire Police

If you receive one of these messages:

  • Stop and think before taking immediate action.
  • Do you recognise the number? An easy way to check if the text you receive is a scam is to contact who the text is purportedly from, directly on their normal number that you recognise or have stored.
  • Chances are they will answer their phone or text you back.
  • Do not send any voucher codes, top-ups or money and do not provide any personal details or information.
  • Delete it.
  • Report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool at
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