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Oldbury Power Station Shuts Down

Aerial photo of construction Photo: Courtesy of Magnox

It ended with the press of a big red button. Magnox's Oldbury power station generated it's last watt at 11:00 this morning. The nuclear power station, built in South Gloucestershire on the banks of the River Severn was originally only supposed to last 25 years. But it went on for 44.

Construction of Oldbury Power Station Credit: Courtesy of Magnox

In all that time it has produced 137.5 TWh of electricity. Enough to provide electricity to one million homes for 20 years. 1 TWh, by the way, equals a billion units of electricy. It was a sad day for staff. But not the end. It take decades to de-commission a nuclear power station, so engineers and workers will be required on site for some time yet. And there are already plans to build another nuclear power station next door.

Laying the foundations Credit: Courtesy of Magnox