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St Pauls Carnival: Cash-strapped again

Last years event cost £250,000 to stage but donations only amounted to £3,000 Photo:

Last year's event cost £250,000 to stage but, despite an attendance of 100,000 people, only £3,000 was donated.

The entire St Pauls Carnival, to be held on Saturday the 7th of July this year- will be contained to Portland Square in the city centre district. The carnival committee has announced that the stage performance will be reduced, there will be no fairground rides and the night time sound systems will be moving to licensed indoor venues in and around St Pauls, instead of their usual on-street presence.

The Carnival will be smaller this year

It will still include a procession with music performance, food and goods stalls, information stands, Mandela’s Hideaway for children in St Agnes Park and a dominoes and chess tournament will also run at the Carnival.

St Pauls Carnival Committee says, 'It has been a difficult decision at the end of a complex and time-consuming process.' If the carnival was cancelled this year, the committee would have lost it Arts Council funding which it has until 2015.

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