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Doubling Up....March Temperatures in the West twice the average

Con trails in blue sky Photo: Roger Fry

The West puts continental hot-spots in the shade....Readings around the region this weekend show many were nearly twice the average for March. Normally we're looking at around 10C..

Bristol 18.3C

Middle Wallop 17.9C

Lyneham 17.2C

Basking butterfly Credit: Clive Davies

Compare the above numbers with the highs in the big Med resorts over the weekend....

Malaga 18.6CBarcelona 18.4CNice 17.8CIbiza 17.5CAlicante 16.3C

Catkins catching the sun Credit: Alan Bowkett

It does look like being a record-breaking month but its not over yet. While Easter falls in April this year, it has been known to snow over the holiday period!

There was a similar March warm spell in 2005. Highest temperature then was 21.8C. Other places reached 21.0C. Going back even further, it touched 25.6C in Cambridgeshire on 29th March 1968. Thats an early scorcher!

Whats caused this period of fine, warm weather? A beefy high pressure system has been sitting out to the east of the country. That has blocked the way to any incoming weather systems bringing cloud and rain from the Atlantic. The dry airflow from the east has meant little or no moisture to form cloud - so its blue skies and the sun has got to work with "its hat on".