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Fight for primary school places

A baby boom and immigration has put pressure on many primary schools Photo: ITV News

A group of parents from North Somerset are vowing to fight their local authority over the choice of primary school given to their children. Some have been offered alternatives more than two miles away when their preferred school is on the doorstep.

It means what should have been excitement at the start of their child's school life is instead anger at what they've been offered - a daily round trip of 4 miles.

Tamsyn Williams and Danielle Thornhill are just two of more than 20 parents who have failed to get any of their three preferred choice of schools in North Somerset because each is oversubscribed.

From Tamsyn's front door, the school of her first choice is just a minute's walk away but two-thirds of the places here are taken by siblings.

Support through social network sites is growing and meetings with the local council and MP are being planned. It's a fight that could last all summer.

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