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Binmen save kittens who were dumped in a box

Dumped kittens Biffa and Oscar recovering at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. Photo: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Two kittens are recovering after they were saved from almost certain death by two binmen in Bristol.

They were spotted by the recycling collectors in a taped-up cardboard box in Shirehampton Road, Stoke Bishop last Thursday.

The box had no air holes and was taped-up to prevent the animals from escaping.

If they hadn't been found, they could have ended up crushed in the waste truck.

The kittens were dumped in this box. Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Waste collectors Phil Mealing and Jason Bembridge heard meowing coming from the box, so they tore it open to find the frightened kittens inside.

They're now being looked after at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary at Barrow Gurney. Staff have named them Biffa - who shares his name with a recycling company - and Oscar, named after a character from the children's television programme Sesame Street who lives in a bin.

There's no excuse for dumping young, vulnerable kittens when there are places like Holly Hedge and other charities that will gladly take them.

– Pauline Leeson, Founder, Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Holly Hedge has more than 130 cats and kittens at the moment that need homes. If you can help please call 01275 474719 or visit their website.

'Biffa', one of the dumped kittens. Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary