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New 'touch' ID technology trialled in Bath

The Touch2id technology is being trialled in bars around Bath Photo: ITV West

It's an exciting time for thousands of students across the South West as they start university for the first time. But with identity theft at an all high time proving their age on those all important night's out is not without it's risks. But a solution is on offer:

The new technology generates a unique code from your fingerprint and puts that into a little sticker that goes on your phone. So when asked to prove you're an adult, you simply put your finger onto the scanner along with the sticker. If it all matches up the light turns green and you've proved your age.

Information about your age is stored on a sticker on your phone Credit: ITV West

Two thirds of all recorded fraud are now related to the abuse of identity and if you lose those important forms of ID they're not cheap to replace either. A new passport alone will set you back nearly 80 pounds.

Your fingerprint is scanned to prove your identity Credit: ITV West

What's impressive about this scheme is no personal details are held on record. All the sticker does is say you are at least 18.

The trial is being supported by the post office, it's free until November and already a number of pubs and bars are part of the scheme.

The hope is it'll be rolled out across the rest of the region before going nationwide in the near future.

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